Domino Park

Domino Park

Loca­ti­on: Brook­lyn — Wil­liams­burg

Die­sen wun­der­schö­nen Park gibt es seit 2018 in Wil­liams­burg. Er liegt am East River und direkt neben der ehe­ma­li­gen Zucker­fa­brik. Das High­light ist sicher­lich der tol­le Blick auf Man­hat­tan.
Der Park hat Sport­fel­der, Was­ser­fon­tä­nen und vie­le Sitz­ge­le­gen­hei­ten. Man kann sich sehr gut ver­wei­len und es gibt auch einen mexi­ka­ni­schen Ver­pfle­gungs­stand. Es ist an jeder Ecke zu erken­nen, dass der Park mit viel Lie­be zum Detail gestal­tet wur­de.

Domino Park

Hilfreiche Informationen

15 River St, Brook­lyn, NY 11249, Ver­ei­nig­te Staa­ten

Rei­se­zeit ab Times Squa­re:
39 Minu­ten mit dem ÖV
70 Minu­ten zu Fuss

Nächs­te U‑Bahnstation und Lini­en:
Mar­cy Av

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One Vanderbilt, Central Park Tower, the Chrysler Building, and 111 West 57th Street poking above the Midtown skyline. Seen from the Williamsburg waterfront at Domino Park. One other skyscrape that would eventually rise into this photo is 270 Park Avenue, which can be seen with the white crane next to the Chrysler Building. From this perspective it would likely be almost as tall as One Vanderbilt up to the top of the crown where the architectural spire begins.
5 Years ago I left my job in TV to run Brunch Boys full time. There's an easy answer, and a hard answer as to why. This is the hard answer. It wasnt this grand decision and moment of "quitting my job," it was done out of necessity. I was depressed, in a place mentally that wasn't good, and I knew that I needed a break. The idea wasn't to leave tv forever, it would be months before I would start making money, but just to stop and breathe for a moment. I loved TV, but over time, the hours, travel, and stress was getting to me. I was  doing what I had dreamed of doing, but all I wanted to do was run away, and hide in my bed instead of going on set. I've battled depression my whole life and I thought I could just make myself feel better the usual ways and be fine, but for the first time in a long time, I wasn't able to, and for the first time I let it effect my work too. So the show I was working on ended, and I decided to play with this little instagram account that had about 15k followers, have some fun, and then get back "to work", but I never went back. I found my new path and never looked back. Depression is still there, but I'm lucky to find a career that gives me most of what I loved about tv, plus a much better lifestyle. Thank you all for making that possible!


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Domino Park
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